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Gender: Male
Faction: Enforcer
Rating: 255
Total Kills: 13201


Cop: Rank 12 159/250
Demolitions: Rank 1 3/38
Grenadier: Rank 4 19/500
Gunslinger: Rank 5 799/1000
Machine Gunner: Rank 7 103/175
Marksman: Rank 9 303/350
Pointman: Rank 8 80/325
Rifleman: Rank 13 1513/2000
Sniper: Rank 8 39/325
Munitions Specialist: Class 4 99/600
Bomb Squad: Class 1 153/200
Crime-Scene Investigator: Class 1 179/200
Ram-Man: Class 2 225/250
Graffiti Artist: Class 1 132/200
White-Hat: Class 1 166/200


Reinforcement: Check
Help!: Check
Busted: Check
SuperCop: Check
Detective: Check
Sweet Dreams Asshole: Check
SWAT: Check
Bounty Hunter: Check
Dangerous Individual: Check
Out on Patrol: Check
R&R: Check
Backstabber: Check
Drive-by Annihilation: 0/1
Boom goes the Dynamite!: Check
Cold-blooded: Check
Drive-by: 24/50
CarBoom!: Check
Friends in High Places: Check
Skills to Pay the Bills: Check
New to the Force: Check
ShadowStrike Elite: Check
First Pick: Check
Track Star: Check
Medal Chaser: Check
Most Valuable Player: Check
Olympic Contender: Check
Indoctrinate the Masses: 32/50
Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Heat…: 0/25
Mailman: 0/100
If You Could Sign by the X: 0/500
Valet: 2/100
Seasoned Veteran: Check
CarBeque: Check
Natural Born Leader: Check
Kind of a Big Deal: Check
Right of Way: 267/500
Grease Monkey: 298/400

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